Friday, October 8, 2010

From I llness to We llness

I saw that today on a poster, moving from I to We, since we are all one anyhow. I have been listening alot to Marianne Williamson lately, bases on a Course in Miracles, and I am working on letting go of me, of the I, and moving into the We, the you and I, the all. Miracles. That's what she talking about right now. We are entitled to them and it is our birthright. Plain and simple. Miracle are happening everyday, all the time.

Just yesterday, we found a big box of slat wall brackets that we need for the Bookstore at the Sally Ann for $6! We thought we'd have to order them in for 1.50 a piece plus shipping and handling. A small miracle, yes?

Opening a used bookstore. Started off with 30 books, that I bought used for a used bookstore some day. I didn't think I'd be doing it now! Where would I get the rest of the books? And the store? And the shelves? They are here now. All used, like the books! A small miracle, yes?

Moving from employee to amazing. Doing it in small steps everyday, and in simplicity is wonderful.

Thank you universe for continually taking care of me, for all my abundance and love.