Saturday, April 9, 2011

How To Help Babes Sleep Through The Night

"What has worked for us is keeping baby in the bed with us. We nurse when babe gets restless, and both fall back to sleep. Quite easy and blissful. Oh, and remembering that for a young nursing baby a 5 hr chunk of time is considered 'sleeping through the night'... that helps us put it into perspective! We also used disposable dipes at night for a while, till we got better at nursing in the dark and got more caught up with our sleep. Then we did EC at night (with cloth backups). EC(elimination communication) helps us know why he's not settling. .. He's not 'fussy'... He has to go pee!! ;)

Happy Night Shift, fellow Moms!

Another answer from a Mom: “make sure they are fed (whether bed time snack or late meal) 30 min - 1 hr before bed time routine so they have full tummy dont give them a drink right before bed (as they may wake up wet and wanting bum change which disrupts sleep)

make sure temperature in room is comfortable (not too hot or cold)”

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