Sunday, March 22, 2009

Herbal Oat Bath

Itchy skin? First consider that detergents (which are not soap) are chemicals that while getting our clothes clean, they also remain in them and irritate our skin. I used to itch all the time. I thought it was dry skin. But when I stopped using detergents and started using soap to wash my clothes, the itching stopped! My favourite is Dr Bronner's. It's concentrated, so you only need a little. It's more expensive, but I think health is worth it. Don't you? Prevention is the key to saving money on health bills.

There is a lot of chorine in the water where I'm at now and after every bath or shower I'm finding that I'm itchy again. So here's a natural herbal bath:

Bathe with your breakfast
Take your rolled oats for breakfast, put them in the bathroom instead and replace your rolled oats with Steel Cut Oat Groats. It's fun to say oat groats, they are full of nutrients (rolled oats are pretty much devoid of nutrients due to processing) and much more tasty. Here's what to do with your rolled oats - From my HerbMentor Newsletter:

When cooked, oats create a moisturizing milky liquid. In her book, Herbal Rituals, Judith Berger says “oat baths send moisture deep into the skin...soak away emotional stress, [and] physical pain in the joints, uterus, bladder and bones.” This is a recipe from her book for an oat bath:

*In a large pot put enough oats to fill it about 1/2 inch deep (several cups)
*Put in enough water to fill the pot

Cook for several hours, then strain into the bath water

It's wonderful, soothing and my skin doesn't itch as much anymore!

Happy bathing, thankful bathing,

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